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Welcome to the Business Department of Lewis & Clark Community College.At this site you will find links to many sources of information useful to those interested in our business offerings.Do not hesitate to contact members of our administration and faculty for assistance.They are eager to provide you with support to achieve success in your overall academic experience.


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Business Programs at Lewis & Clark


Two-Year Transfer Degree Program


Associate in Science Degree (for Business)


Two-Year Career Degree Programs


Associate in Applied Science Degree in Accounting

Associate in Applied Science Degree in Management

AIM Program


One-Year Certificates of Proficiency





Certificate of Completion in Accounting


Accounting Clerk


Certificates of Completion in Management





Human Resources

Small Business


Thirty & Out Programs




Dual Degrees 



Four-Year Bachelorís Degree Programs with Other Schools

In addition to the standard transfer agreements with senior institutions, the following programs offer unique academic and financial savings opportunities for business students.

(LC - On L&C campus   OL - Online program)


OL - Accounting (Franklin University)

LC - Accounting (Missouri Baptist University)

OL - Accounting (Regis University)

OL - Applied Management (Franklin University)

OL - Business Administration (Franklin University)

OL - Business Administration (Regis University)

OL - Finance (Regis University)

OL - Human Resource Management (Franklin University)

OL - Management (Franklin University)

LC - Management (Missouri Baptist University)

OL - Marketing (Franklin University)

OL - Marketing (Regis University)

LC - Organizational Leadership (Greenville College)


Five-Year Masterís Degree Programs with Other Schools

Accounting (last three years at University of Illinois at Springfield)

Business Administration - MBA (Missouri Baptist University program at L&C)








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